Winter In Style: Fashion Tips For The Winter

Published on 01/18/2022

Winter is finally here. But just because the temperatures are dropping it does not mean that the uniform of a down coat and Ugg boots is the only option. These clever styling tips are guaranteed to keep you warm and stylish throughout the cold season.

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Winter In Style: Fashion Tips For The Winter


Be it blue, grey or black -we all love our classic dark coats and jackets. But even a statement piece in a different color can make you very happy. Sometimes it is worth it to stand out, for example with a statement coat, in a special color. Maybe green or yellow.

Wear A Vest Under The Coat

Chick blazers and wrap coats look great and are office essentials – but do they really keep you warm? No. This can be changed with a thin light down vest. Worn under a coat, it keeps you wonderfully warm. And: If you choose the waistcoat in the same color as the coat, you won’t even notice it.

Sweater With Extra Large Sleeves

Gloves are not always practical in everyday life: Most of them have to be taken off to use the smartphone. And you’re always looking for one of the two gloves. The solution to the problem: cozy sweaters with extra long sleeves. Simply pull out of the coat sleeves – warm, cozy and stylish.

Comfy Pullovers

Thanks to the comeback of the 70s, turtlenecks are once again at the top of the fashion hit list. It is currently available in many variants. Plain colored and made of a thin wool mix or ribbed and made of cotton, they are perfect for wearing underneath. And in fact under almost everything: from the V-neck sweater to the sweater to the dress. A turtleneck can be combined particularly well in grey, black or white.

Extra Thick Tights

Winter dresses are a nice change from the eternal combination of sweaters and trousers in winter. So that your legs don’t get cold, pantyhose with heat-storing fibers are great. The thermal tights store the heat emitted by the body and thus ensure a warm and comfortable feeling.


Layering not only earns you additional style points, but is also practical and comfortable. Outside, the many layers keep you warm and if you get too warm, you can easily take off a piece. It is best to wear three layers in winter, consisting of a shirt, sweater and coat or jacket. Of course, advanced users can also try more than three layers

Wear A Scarf

If you do it right your scarf will not only protect you from the cold this autumn and winter season, it will also enhance your entire outfit. Classics are available in the color black, gray and blue. On the other hand, you show real savoir-faire if you opt for yellow or brown tones.