How To Get Dressed Faster In The Morning

Published on 08/02/2021

Tired of always being stressed in the morning, being late, and having the feeling of looking completely exhausted anyway? Then you can now learn these 6 tips and tricks from power women who are excellent at it. After all, busy and successful women somehow manage to get everything under one roof and still look great, but how?

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How To Get Dressed Faster In The Morning

Know The Weather

Being prepared for anything also means knowing the weather. Just take a look at your weather app before choosing an outfit. In this way you avoid regretting a white outfit in the pouring rain or a knitted sweater in bright sunshine and thus prevent a bad mood.

Prepare Your Outfit The Night Before

Putting out the outfit for the next morning, the evening before, is an enormous time saver and ensures that we are less stressed in the morning. If you know your schedule and the weather, you can choose all the pieces you want to wear and try around for as long as you are happy with the overall look. Then you just have to hang everything up ready to hand – you save yourself the fashion crisis in the morning that we all hate so much.

Organize Your Accessories

Untying chains, finding a pair of earrings that actually go together, looking for sunglasses that have been lost in some bag – who doesn’t know that? When it comes to accessories, it can be really worthwhile to bring some order into the chaos, for example with drawer inserts. So you can see directly which part is where and not only can grab it faster, but also simply put it back in its place, where it is sure not to get stuck with other parts and thus rob you of your nerves in the morning.

Pack Your Bag The Evening Before

Just as it pays to pick out your outfit the night before, busy women have often got used to packing their bags the day before. Laptop, charging cable, water, snacks, wallet – even if something is still missing, it is usually just one quick move in the morning instead of many small ones. Having everything properly packed and knowing that nothing is missing can save you a lot of stress in the morning and calm your mind a little so that you can start the day with more energy.

Move Your Skin Routine To The Evening

Wash your face, peel and cream it, pluck your eyebrows, put on eye pads to look more alert, and, and, and – we just don’t have that much time in the morning. But because our skin shouldn’t be neglected, we move our extensive skin care routine to the evening. So in the morning we only have to use a moisturizer, some eye care and sunscreen, and our skin is ready for the day and still looks great.

A Simple Make-Up

Woman who have a busy schedule almost every day need to know themselves very well in order to know what makes them tick and what they need to make their daily routine work optimally. This also includes make-up: you know how to put on make-up so that it can be done quickly, and your own advantages are still emphasized. They usually don’t use a lot of make-up – they usually postpone trying out new palettes, colors and textures for the evening or the weekend. In the morning everything revolves around a natural base, structured brows, mascara and some color on the lips – and you’re ready to go.